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ISO 9001:2015CJ International Asia (“CJIA”) is an ISO Certified Company in agricultural commodity trading industry that helps food and feed milling companies to obtain high quality products.

GMP+Our core competency is sales marketing, sourcing (Origination) and freight logistics. It is achieved by optimising the stable demand of CJ Group and formed partnership with supplier to maximize mutual interest and sustainable growth.


We deliver North American, South American or European Soybean, Corn and Soybean Meal to Korea and Southeast Asia.


Our team develop Thai or Brazilian Raw Sugar and Thai or Vietnamese tapioca to fermentation and refining plants in Korea and Indonesia.


We supply PKE, Copra Meal, DDGS, CGM, Fish Meal to Korea, China, and Southeast Asia.


Internal Freight support trading from small handy up to Post Panamax size volume.

What We Offer

» Sourcing Agri products directly from origin countries
» Provision of Financial services (financing and hedging account), risk management and logistics services to customers

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About CJ International Asia

CJ International Asia (“CJIA”) was established in 2006 to strengthen purchasing competitiveness of CJ Group, the origin of Samsung Group.

CJIA has built up trading foundation by purchasing raw sugar, grains, and the major agricultural commodities for and on behalf of the affiliates of CJ Group. Based on accumulated competence and excellent man power, CJIA is to become one of the major agricultural traders in Asia.

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We have over 10 years experience in agricultural commodity.


Extremely competitive prices through logistics optimization.


Our experts ensure you get the optimum results.

For expert guidance and know-how you can trust us.

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We always find new markets for supplying excellent products and keeping our promise to provide best quality services to you as our valuable customers.

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