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Strong Partner for bringing your business forward

CJIA is a strong partner in agricultural commodity industry that helps food and feed milling companies in Asian Countries overcome barriers through competitive pricing as they are unable to directly import high quality agricultural products from North & South America due to the difficulty of getting materials in small quantities.

CJIA’s Operations:

  • Sourcing Agri products directly from origin countries
  • Provision of Financial services (financing and hedging account), risk management and logistics services to customers


  • Soybean: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay
  • Non-GMO Soybean: USA
  • Corn: USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, South East Asia, Black Sea
  • Non-GMO Corn: USA, Brazil, Black Sea, South Africa
  • SBM: Brazil, Argentina, Korea
  • Wheat: Argentina, European Union (EU), Black Sea, India, Australia
  • Raw Sugar: Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, Australia

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Grain & Oilseeds

We deliver North American, South American or European Soybean, Corn and Soybean Meal to Korea and Southeast Asia at extremely competitive prices through logistics optimization. Furthermore, we are committed to develop the convenience of future pricing. We are a leading supplier to the Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and Taiwanese Market.

Our main product-lines: Soybean, Non-GMO Soybean, Corn, Non-GMO Corn, Soybean Meal, Wheat



Our team develop Thai or Brazilian Raw Sugar and Thai or Vietnamese tapioca to fermentation and refining plants in Korea and Indonesia. We also provide buyers with future pricing for their convenience. In 2012, we started to develop the Vietnam Sourcing Market of Tapioca Chips and supply the China Market. And we completed the setup of Tapioca Chip business in Vietnam and Thailand in early 2013.

Our main product-lines: Thai Sugar, Australia Sugar, South America Sugar, Refined Sugar Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Chip, Tapioca Pellet / RP / HP



We supply PKE, Copra Meal, DDGS, CGM, Fish Meal to Korea, China, and Southeast Asia at extremely competitive prices. We have started to supply Indian Soybean Meal and Corn from 2011. In 2013, we completed setting up the sourcing network and began selling to South East Asia Market.

Our main product-lines: Palm Kernel Expeller, Copra Meal, Wheat Bran Pellet, DDGS, CGM, Vegetable Oils, Wheat, SBM, RSM, Corn (Indian Origin), Fishmeal